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Season 14

February 29, 2020: Late Fall Secrets

As water temperatures drop and freeze-up rapidly approaches, the musky feeding windows become shorter. Decision-making and strategy are paramount to make the most of the short, fall days. Jim Saric and musky hunter John Mich reveal their secrets for maximizing your time on the water in late fall, along with live bait and artificial strategies to decoy and catch muskies.

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February 22, 2020: Jack’s Lake Lunge

Jack’s Lake in Apsley, Ontario, Canada, is an overlooked sleeper musky water in the Kawartha Lakes region, but should not be ignored. In this summer strategy session, first, Jim Saric, along with musky hunters John Cowan and Pete Hoffmann, dissect Jack’s Lake in mid-summer. Then, Jim and Pro Guide Chris Taurisano utilize various casting techniques in pursuit of early-summer muskies.

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February 15, 2020: Burning Up the Bay

The Great Lakes are home to some of the best musky fisheries across North America. In summer, the muskies often establish a home range around large, shallow weed flats. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Bret Alexander encountered a pack of muskies on an overcast and rainy summer day and with the biometrics being high, they burned blades covering water quickly, trigging strikes from multiple muskies.

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February 8, 2020: Cedar Lake Skis

Cedar Lake in Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada, is a diverse musky fishery with multiple water colors and structural elements. Jim Saric and musky hunter Bob Turgeon grind through post-frontal conditions and sift through shallow cover utilizing boatside tactics to trigger Cedar Lake Skis to bite.

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February 1, 2020: First Day of Fall

Every fall across the musky range when the first cold nights occur and water temperatures drop, muskies begin a resurgence to shallow cover, and in some waters move ultra shallow in the sand. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Ryan McMahon tackle Minnesota Metro waters during the first cold snap of fall, in search of shallow water muskies.

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January 25, 2020: Young’s Wilderness Muskies

Steven’s Bay on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada, is a neglected gem loaded with muskies. Jim Saric, Pro Guide and Lodge Owner Perry Anniuk, and musky hunter Bob Turgeon navigate the waters surrounding Young’s Wilderness Camp, and detail the keys to catching muskies in this section of Lake of the Woods.

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January 18, 2020: Summer Trolling Strategies

When fishing large flats in summer there are many presentation options. Cool temperatures in early summer can delay weed growth and scatter muskies, making trolling the most effective approach. Jim Saric and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan battle big winds and big water while trolling for summer muskies.

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January 4, 2020: Biometrics

Biometrics are all of the factors that impact a musky’s activity level. Jim Saric and Jeff Lang from Blue Sky Invention Company discuss the Musky Hunter Television app and how it uses biometrics to predict musky activity and take your musky catches to an entirely new level!

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