January 7, 2012: Cerebral Muskies
We are all looking for that magic lure that will instantly put more muskies in the boat.  In reality, that silver bullet doesn’t exist.  Your best ally on any musky trip is your brain.  Jim Saric and Pro Guide Bob Turgeon demonstrate that paying close attention to how muskies are responding to your lures and making presentation adjustments can get them to bite.

January 14, 2012: Lake of the Muskies
Lake of the Woods in Ontario Canada is often referred to as “Lake of the Muskies” because it is full of thousands of islands and hundreds of miles of shoreline loaded with muskies.  Jim Saric, Legendary Angler Spence Petros and Dennis Lappen from Musky Innovations describe how to recognize the best musky spots on Lake of the Woods and which lures catch them.

January 21, 2012: Mix and Match
All we are simply trying to do every day on the water is to get a bite.  Once we get one musky to bite it seems getting the next one is much easier.  Jim Saric, Pro Guide Mike Lazarus and Dr. Mark Carlson discuss how to mix up your presentations to determine what the muskies want, and how to maximize the situation once the “hot lure” is discovered.   Also, Dr. Mark Carlson provides some great information on how to prepare for the musky season and make it through a long musky trip.

January 28, 2012: Livin’ on the Edge
Apex predators like muskies use breaklines, drop-offs, or edges to migrate and feed like superhighways with frequent fast-food stops.  In fall, there’s nothing much tastier to a big musky than a sucker.   Jim Saric and Live Bait Wizard, John Mich, work suckers along breaklines, offering a free meal to muskies on the prowl along the edge.

February 4, 2012: Kawartha Crushers
Located 100 miles northeast of Toronto, Ontario Canada is the Kawartha Lakes Region.  These connected waters of the Trent-Severn waterway offer a variety of lakes with different characteristics full of muskies.   Jim Saric and Pro Guide Rodel Misa highlight the features of the various Kawartha Lakes, and the techniques to successfully catch muskies from this incredible fishery.

February 11, 2012: Let them Rip
When dealing with large flats there are a lot of ways to catch muskies, but the high-percentage approach to catch them is trolling.  Jim Saric and Pro Guide Bob Turgeon troll several large, shallow flats awaiting the tell-tale sound of a musky strike—a ripping drag.

February 18, 2012: Triple Play
Ever approach a musky trip with a solid game plan only to find out that the plan doesn’t work?  In this episode, Jim and his guests have to switch gears and change the game plan in three different situations to catch muskies.  First, Jim Saric and Pro Guide Mike Hulbert search open water and weed edges for muskies in late spring.  Then Jim Saric and Ryan Medo from Joe Bucher Outdoors sift through shallow weed cover in search of a strike.  Finally, Jim Saric, Jim Stewart and Gene Robinson from The Musky Shop work deep breaks for fall muskies.

February 25, 2012: Windsor Wanderers
Lake St. Clair is a musky factory.   It’s massive and every year continues to kick out incredible numbers of muskies.   With over 2/3 of Lake St. Clair located in Ontario, Canada, a prime location to start is Windsor, Ontario since it provides easy access to both the Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.  Jim Saric and Pro Guide Bob Devine troll subtle humps at the mouths of several small rivers in search of hungry packs of roaming muskies.

March 3, 2012: Big Dawgs
When muskies move deeper in fall, what’s the best tool to get down to their level and get noticed?  A jig.
A Bulldawg is simply a giant jig with a big tail that’s simply irresistible to big muskies.   Jim Saric and Pro Guide Mike Hulbert fish both large flats outside a river, and deep holes in a river attempting to coax big muskies to eat big dawgs.

March 10, 2012: Muskie Whisperer
Legendary Guide Bill Sandy has such an uncanny ability to convert following muskies into strikers that he has earned the reputation as “the musky whisper” as some believe he can talk to the muskies!  Jim Saric and Legendary Guide Bill Sandy. who owns Sandy’s Blackhawk Island Camp in the Northwest Angle of Ontario Canada on Lake of the Woods, demonstrate the secret to getting muskies to strike while executing a figure 8 at boatside.

March 17, 2012: Raider Nation
No matter where you fish, there are always local preferred techniques or lures that are supposedly the “best” or “only“ way to catch muskies from that water.   For the savvy musky hunter, the mantra “a musky is a musky is a musky” rings true because any lure or technique can be productive if the situation is correct.   Jim Saric and Pro Guide Bob Devine troll Depthraiders in the Windsor Ontario Canada region of Lake St. Clair, and demonstrate that even Eastern muskies prefer the Raider Nation from Wisconsin.

March 24, 2012: TBA

March 31, 2012: TBA