January 5, 2013: Lazy Lunges
Unstable summer conditions coupled with cool nights can make the musky’s behavior seem sluggish. Jim Saric and Legendary Guide Bill Sandy team up to trigger some lazy lunges into biting on Lake of the Woods.

January 12, 2013: Casting the Abyss
Lake St. Clair is comprised of miles of vast open-water. Muskies roam the shallow basin following schools of shad and perch. It’s a troller’s paradise. Yet, for those willing to brave a casting approach, the rewards can be incredible. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Spencer Berman unlock the secrets of casting the abyss for trophy muskies.

January 19, 2013: Big O
The Ottawa River travels more than 700 miles dividing the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec before ultimately discharging into the St. Lawrence River. It has historically produced some of the largest muskies throughout Canada. Jim Saric and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan reveal some key strategies for fishing several stretches of “The Big O”.

January 26, 2013: Pick it Apart
After a front passes and the muskies have fed heavily, it sometimes seems like the fish have left the lake during the next few days. In reality, the strike zone or distance the muskies are willing to chase a lure has decreased, so the muskies are more difficult to catch. During these tough times, you have to slow down your presentation and pick the area apart. First, Jim Saric and Steve Miller from Mercury Marine battle big winds in big water. Then, Jim and Pro Guide Mike Lazarus tackle an impending storm while fishing a river.

February 2, 2013: Spring Secrets
Spring success revolves around locating the spawning areas and focusing on the adjacent structural elements. However, many lakes, rivers and reservoirs throughout the musky range offer a wide variety of cover and fish completely differently. First, Jim Saric and Musky Hunter Charlie Buhler fish a featureless reservoir. Then Jim and Pro Guide Mike Hulbert fish a series of natural lakes for post-spawn muskies.

February 9, 2013: Dinosaur Expedition
Lake Nipissing is the fifth largest water in Ontario, Canada and the headwaters of the French River. It’s big water that holds giant muskies. Jim Saric, Pro Guide Mike Lazarus and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan highlight some trolling tactics for breaking down this massive water and catching dinosaur-sized muskies.

February 16, 2013: Cedar Lake Lunge
Cedar Lake is a musky gem located in Northwest Ontario, Canada, offering a wide variety of water colors and structural elements to fish. Its horseshoe shape and valley-like setting protect the lake — so no matter the weather, you can always find a place to fish. Jim Saric and Musky Hunter Charlie Buhler unlock the secrets to Cedar Lake Lunge.

February 23, 2013: Summer Solstice
Summertime means warm weather, long days and extended feeding windows. Trolling or casting approaches can be effective anywhere across the musky range. First Jim Saric trolls in flat-calm, scorching hot conditions for early summer muskies. Then Jim and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan battle the summer heat to cast a variety of spots in search of a big bite.

March 2, 2013: Woods Wisdom
Lake of the Woods is big water with literally thousands of islands and hundreds of miles of shoreline with muskies awaiting your offering. However, the more you fish Lake of the Woods, the more you realize there are subtle nuances that will help you boat more muskies. Jim Saric, Musky Hunter Managing Editor Steve Heiting and Musky Pro Kevin Schmidt unleash some of their “Woods Wisdom” after spending countless hours and numerous trips fishing Lake of the Woods.

March 9, 2013: Frontal Facts
There is no question that post-frontal conditions can make musky fishing difficult, particularly in mid-summer when the air and water temperatures plummet. Taking advantage of muskies holding in thick cover, along with those that bite at dark, are essential approaches for success. Jim Saric and Musky Hunter Charlie Buhler provide the straight facts for locating and catching muskies during a summer cold front.

March 16, 2013: Timely Tactics
Whether you are fishing spring, summer or fall, you have to bring the correct assortment of lures and tactics to boat muskies. First, Jim Saric and Jason Parsons from Ranger boats cover some tactics for spring muskies in southern reservoirs. Then Jim Saric, Musky Hunter Managing Editor Steve Heiting and Musky Pro Kevin Schmidt discuss trigger tactics for summer muskies.

March 23, 2013: TBA

March 30, 2013: TBA