Season 13

February 23, 2019: Windows

Musky fishing is often associated with long hours of hard work associated with short periods of pandemonium.
Often short feeding windows occur due to environmental changes such as changing wind, light and moon periods.
Jim Saric and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan discuss how to interpret these windows in order to predict when muskies
will bite, thus maximizing time on the water.

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February 16, 2019: Kitchen Sink

Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada, is known as a musky factory, but unstable conditions can turn even this
musky mecca into “real” musky fishing! Jim Saric and Legendary Pro Guide Bill Sandy locate the muskies on a
variety of spots but have to throw the “kitchen sink” at the muskies to convert followers into biters.

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February 9, 2019: Lunge Lodge Lore

The French River in Ontario, Canada, is rich in musky fishing history and lore, having produced some of the largest
muskies on record. Jim Saric, musky hunter John Cowan and lodge owner Scott Siler discuss a game plan for
fishing a variety of spots and utilizing various techniques for fishing the French River in search of trophy muskies.

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February 2, 2019: Ridge Runners

Due to changing conditions and warming water temperatures during the transition from late spring into early
summer, muskies often are located along weed edges and breaklines. These edges form a natural intersection
between baitfish and muskies. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Chris Taurisano utilize both casting and trolling techniques
to locate muskies during this transition period.

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January 26, 2019: Indian Lake Lunge

The Indian Lake chain in Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada is an over-looked musky fishery offering a wide variety
of musky waters with some extremely fun opportunities. Regardless of the conditions, you can always find and
catch muskies. Jim Saric, Musky Hunter Managing Editor Steve Heiting, and Kevin Schmidt detail how to fish this
diverse fishery, even when battling giant winds.

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January 19, 2019: Reset Button

In summer, stable weather creates consistent musky fishing but also results in “resident” muskies frequently holding
on the same spots. Often a storm, rapidly dropping temperatures, or some environmental change is required to hit
the reset button on the system and bring a fresh batch of muskies into shallow cover. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Ryan
McMahon demonstrate how to pick apart shallow cover and make adjustments as the weather changes.

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January 12, 2019: Kawartha Mayhem

The Kawartha Lakes in Ontario, Canada are known throughout the musky range as an incredible action fishery,
routinely kicking out trophy muskies. Jim Saric, along with musky hunters John Cowan and Pete Hoffmann,
outline their strategy for fishing the Kawarthas, while experiencing some of the musky mayhem the Kawarthas are
known to produce.

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January 5, 2019: Epic Day

Musky hunters often schedule their trophy trips in the winter months, then plan and prepare hoping everything falls
into place. Jim Saric and Trophy Hunter Tom Sullivan arrived on their annual trip after a two-day period of storms
with post-frontal conditions. As the day progressed, the conditions changed, and the subtle presentation adjustments
they made produced an epic day.

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