2019 TV Season Launched January 5th!



In summer, stable weather creates consistent musky fishing but also results in “resident” muskies frequently holding on the same spots. Often a storm, rapidly dropping temperatures, or some environmental change is required to hit the reset button on the system and bring a fresh batch of muskies into shallow cover. Jim Saric and Pro Guide Ryan McMahon demonstrate how to pick apart shallow cover and make adjustments as the weather changes.

The episode airs this Saturday, January 19th!  Visit the "Show Schedule" for more information on the exciting 13th season of The Musky Hunter!

Television Schedule | Saturdays January - March 2019

CBS Sports:
Mondays @ 9 a.m. CST
DirecTV Channel #221
Dishnet #158
Fox Sports North
Saturdays @ 8:30 am CST
DirecTV #668/669 HD
Dishnet #442/445 HD

NBC Chicago
Saturdays @ 9:30 am CST
DirecTV Channel #665
Dishnet #429
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Season Descriptions

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